Tips for Saving Money on a Road Trip

Tips for Saving Money on a Road Trip | Hyannis, MA

Even though you’re driving your own car, road trip costs for gas, food, and entertainment can really add up. Use these tips for saving money on your next road trip adventure.

1. Plan ahead

Set a budget for your road trip and then look for hotel rooms and attractions in the city where you’re staying. You can even look into buying a city parking pass to save money on parking and know exactly where your next parking spot is.

2. Get your car in shape

Before heading out on your road trip, make sure the tires of your Chevy Equinox or Tahoe SUV are properly inflated, you have plenty of oil, and any mechanical issues are taken care of. All of these can improve your car’s gas mileage, not to mention help you avoid costly repairs while on the road.

3. Bring filling snacks and avoid restaurant stops

Getting fast food and stopping at restaurants for dinner can add up fast. A good way to avoid spending too much money on food is bringing healthy, filling snacks, like jerky, fruit with a decent shelf life like bananas and apples, nuts and seeds, and more. And for bigger meals, think about easy food to make on the go without heat, like sandwiches.

4. Use the library

If you want family-friendly books, audiobooks, and even streaming content to keep you and your kids occupied, save money by going to the library. Of course, you can also stream your favorite podcasts and music from your favorite streaming service for free.

Don’t spend your valuable time or vacation budget on a roadside emergency — before you hit the road for your next family getaway, bring your car in for a checkup at the Copeland Chevrolet Hyannis service center, in Hyannis, Massachusetts.



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